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Behavioral Management Simplified –  with Dr. David Lennox – Audio Series


Founder and President of Quality Behavior Solutions Inc., Dr. Lennox received his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis.  With over 20 years of experience Dr. Lennox has developed, directed, and consulted with organizations and programs treating children, adults, and geriatrics in a variety of settings including schools, community and group homes, long-term care, academic research programs, day treatment programs, and rehabilitation hospitals. He has managed services for individuals with a variety of rehabilitation and behavioral needs resulting from head injury, Alzheimer’s, developmental disability, autism, psychiatric conditions, and a number of neurological disorders. In addition, he teaches Organizational Behavior Management at Simmons college.

Behavioral Incident Prevention & Management: Practical Guidelines
This presentation is designed to provide an overview of the status of behavioral issues in residential, educational, and treatment settings. Discussion includes a wealth of practical recommendations and best practices for professionals and paraprofessionals who provide care to individuals who exhibit challenging, disruptive, or dangerous behaviors.

Behavior Management Strategies: Behavior Protocols Every Professional Should Know
Although there are a plethora of suggestions, recommendations, procedures, and protocols for preventing and managing challenging behaviors in educational and treatment settings, four specific protocols are proposed as some of the most important to know. These protocols are selected based on ease of training, ease of acquisition/mastery, widespread applicability, and likely efficacy. Depending on the number of participants, demonstration and return demonstration may be provided.

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