[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-people” custom_service_title=”ICPN Professional Development” custom_service_image=”6643″ custom_service_second_title=”It continues to be a privilege to serve children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” custom_service_description=”We are excited to be a part of the efforts to help people grow across the state of Illinois. We look forward to moving forward – together. ICPN team members have been providing onsite learning opportunities since inception of the program.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]
[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-people” custom_service_title=”Learning Experiences & Development” custom_service_image=”6760″ custom_service_description=”At its core, professional learning experiences and professional development is the key component to improving clinical practice and providing new perspectives in an ever-changing profession. Ultimately, learning opportunities should be a natural part of a professional life.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”fadeInUp”]
[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-people” custom_service_title=”Opportunities” custom_service_image=”6792″ custom_service_description=”ICPN has presented to collateral systems serving people with ID/DD across the state including people from Police departments, Hospitals, Adult Protective Services, Office of State Guardian and Screening, PAS/ISC and Individuals from DHS.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”fadeInUp”]

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

Leonardo da Vinci

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

John F. Kennedy

There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach.
It can lift men to Angelship.

Mark Twain

ICPN Team Members have been Providing Onsite Learning Opportunities Since the Inception of the Program

What You will Acquire and Obtain from ICPN Training:

– You will learn something new you can immediately implement in your career
– You will learn something new you can immediately implement in your career
– You will expand skills
– You will discover industry specific knowledge that can help you
– You will grow personally and professionally
– You will meet thought-leaders
– You will receive new ideas and expand your knowledge
– You will be able network with people in your industry
– You will learn from the experiences of your peers
– You will learn from the experiences of your peers
– You will learn about valuable resources relevant to your career

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